Chapter 9 – Post-Prison Ministry


  • Identify common needs of ex-offenders.
  • Describe types of post-prison ministries.
  • List steps for starting a post-prison ministry.
  • Determine your role in post-prison ministry.


Some prisoners are released after serving their entire sentence as prescribed by law. In some legal jurisdictions, after completing part of their sentence, prisoners are eligible to go before a parole board. If granted parole before finishing their sentence, they are released with certain conditions, such as reporting regularly, not associating with ex-felons, and restrictions governing living and working arrangements. Conditions for release vary and are usually set by the court, a parole board, or a parole officer.

Inmates being released from prison have many needs as they reenter society. This chapter will help you identify these needs, understand various types of post-prison ministries, and define your role in ministering to ex-offenders.

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