Chapter 5 – Leading Like A Servant


Upon completion of this chapter you will be able to:

  • Write the Key Verses from memory.
  • Identify one leadership style that is uniquely Christian.
  • Identify the greatest example of servant leadership.
  • Explain how leading like a servant results in power.
  • List four contrasts between secular and Christian leaders.
  • Identify who we serve.
  • Explain how to become a servant leader.


Leadership in the world is often measured by power, money, education, and abilities. There are many styles of leadership in the world. By “style” we mean the way in which a person leads. For example, there are dictators who control people. There are also democratic leaders who are controlled by the vote of the people.

When Jesus came into the world, He reversed the world’s concept of successful leadership when He became a servant. This chapter concerns the New Testament principle of leading like a servant.

Read over the chapter study material and complete the self-test at the end. After this chapter is completed, mark complete and go to the next lesson.