Chapter 5 – Bible Study Tools


Upon completion of this chapter you will be able to:

  • Write the Key Verses from memory.
  • Explain three uses of a concordance.
  • Use a concordance.
  • Use a Bible dictionary.
  • Use a Bible word study book.
  • Use a topical textbook.
  • Use a Bible encyclopedia.
  • Use a Bible commentary.
  • Use a Bible atlas.
  • Use a Bible handbook.


Bible scholars have written special books that are helpful in studying the Bible. This chapter explains how to use these Bible study tools. It is not necessary to have these special books in order to study the Bible. Do not be concerned if you cannot afford or do not have access to them. This course teaches you how to study the Bible yourself. All that is necessary for you to have is a Bible.

If you do not have these tools at the present time, it is still important for you to know what study aids exist. This is why we have included this chapter on Bible study tools. If you do have access to Bible study tools, we want you to know how to use them because they will be helpful to you. There are several ways you might gain access to such books. Perhaps you can obtain them by purchasing them at a Christian bookstore or from the publisher. If you cannot afford to purchase these books, perhaps you can borrow them. If you live near a Christian Bible college, you might be able to use their library. Perhaps a minister or Christian friend living near you has some of these books and will let you use them.

Bible study tools are important, but they cannot substitute for studying the Bible itself. You should use these tools only after you have done your own study of the Word. Consulting a Bible study book before studying the Bible itself influences your mind with the comments of man before you have studied the words of God. Those who wrote Bible commentaries and other study tools obtained their material the way any student can get it: From the Bible itself.

It is not necessary to depend on the research of others. If Bible study tools are not available to you, do not despair. Within you dwells the creative power of the Holy Spirit. He is the special teacher sent by God who will guide you into all truth. That is better than all the Bible study tools provided by men. If these tools are available, learn to use them to supplement your own study of God’s Word, but do not depend on them. Depend on the creative revelation of the Holy Spirit.

Read over the chapter study material and complete the self-test at the end. After this chapter is completed, mark complete and go to the next lesson.