Chapter 15 – Networking For Evangelism


Upon completion of this chapter you will be able to:

  • Write the Key Verses from memory.
  • Define “networking.”
  • Explain how the church is a network.
  • Discuss the strengths of networking.
  • Discuss the importance of spiritual gifts and networking.
  • Explain the unity that is to result from networking.
  • Explain the practical application of networking.


You have already learned much about evangelism in this course, and perhaps the magnitude of the task is somewhat overwhelming to you. Truly it is a “great” commission!

But you are not alone in facing this challenge. You are part of a great host of laborers in the Lord’s harvest fields. In this lesson you will learn the importance of networking with others for evangelism.

Read over the chapter study material and complete the self-test at the end. After this chapter is completed, mark complete and go to the next lesson.