Chapter 10 – The Gifts Of Healing


Upon completion of this lesson you will be able to:

  • Write the Healing Promise from memory.

  • Identify the Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity of God.

  • Summarize the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

  • Define “spiritual gift.”

  • Define the “gifts of healing.”

  • List specific spiritual gifts which complement the gift of healing.

  • Identify who should be involved in the healing ministry.


The Bible commissions all believers to be involved in the healing and deliverance ministry, but the Word also confirms there are special gifts of healing given to some believers by the Holy Spirit. This lesson introduces the Holy Spirit as part of the Trinity of God, summarizes His ministries, defines spiritual gifts, and specifically focuses on the gifts of healing and related spiritual gifts.

Read over the chapter study material and complete the self-test at the end. After this chapter is completed, mark complete and go to the next lesson.